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Photoshop Express Online

Adobe’s online version of Photoshop was finally released yesterday. This is basically a Photo editing program for the non-experienced. There isn’t any type of layer functionality, or other advanced tools, such as masking. Users of all skill may find it useful though.

You can still do quite a bit with the program. If you have a photo that needs some quick editing, such as resizing, cropping, and rotating, that can easily be done. Or for more advanced (slightly) stuff, such as tweaking the exposure, changing the hues, or you just want to mangle the heck out of it, you have those options as well. Click the photo above for a larger view of the options available to you.

You can sign up for free and you’ll get a personalized URL to store your work, which holds up to 2GB for now. There are already a whole bunch of galleries up too, if you want to check out other people’s stuff. Once you have some photos saved in your gallery, you can embed your photos into a website with a small amount of code provided by the program.

One thing that I found a little difficult though, was the inability to use keyboard shortcuts. Even just the Undo shortcut would be nice. I know it’s not common to have keyboard shortcuts within online programs, but Google Docs has it, so I know it’s possible. All in all, Photoshop Express for the web is a great and handy tool. It’s really nice for quick editing when you don’t want to open up the full blown Photoshop application for a tiny edit. The program is in beta now, so expect more features to show up through time as well.

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