One Movie, One Image


Brendan Dawes has come up with an awesome, and nerdy, idea. By creating a Java program using the programming language called Processing, he has taken several movies apart and at every second of the film, it outputs an image. See, I told you it was nerdy, but the results are really cool.

Each line represents one minute of the film and viewing the whole thing as one image shows some pretty interesting things, like how in the last 1/4 of the movie Vertigo(pictured above) has two lines that don’t match colors with the rest of the movie, purple and red. Or when you compare the image of The French Connection with the other movies, you can see it has a more bluish theme.

I definitely recommend you check out his exhibition, called Cinema Redux. It seems that he actually did this way back in 2004, but it’s never too late to appreciate art, right?

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