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Everybody has done something that they’re ashamed of, but that might be a belief that could only be owned by someone who has done something they’re ashamed of. Either way, WikiConfessions is the place to go if you enjoy reading about the sins and the bad things that people have confessed to.

If you have something to confess, perhaps you’ve splurged on a new laptop that you didn’t need or stole something from work, come here to confess and get it off of your chest. If people like it enough, you can get it promoted to the popular section.

To be completely honest, it looks like there are only a few users right now, because as I’m writing this, there’s only three posts on the home page and none in the upcoming section. Maybe the site just launched? I think it’s a really fun idea though and hope that it takes off soon.

It’s kinda like gossip isn’t it? That’s one thing that everybody can’t seem to get enough of, but is always embarrassed to partake. I have to admit that I read my fair share of Perez Hilton. There’s my confession. 🙁

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  1. Im tired of hiding things.
    There was this guy and i danced with him at this party. And he then gave me his number and i gave him mine. I never told my mom about it. Then everything was fine until he began to be too demanding and stubborn and he would not change his opinion for anything. Then i was going to a birthday party and my mom asked me as i was getting ready who i danced with at this party because someone told her i was dancing with a bad boy- it being the boy i was talking to. I lied to my own mother and told her that he was dancing with someone else. Let alone did she also not know that this boy was stubborn enough that he forced me into a relationship and i agreed to it. I later started to snapchat the boy and eventually i tried talking to him less and less because i was afraid that 1. My mom would find out and 2. I would get in trouble if see did and also he was very clingy and stubborn and not my type. So eventually we did not talk for a week and everything was fine and my fears were slowing leaving. Until a christmas dance came along and he was there and i went and danced with him again and i kissed him many times in front of a crowd of people. Then the cycle began again and he started to be clingy and stubborn and my fears came again. He also asked me for a topless photo which i denied and i brought out some bible verses to why i would not do it and he accepted it and never asked again. Now ive lied to him telling him my phone fell in the tub and it does not work and i havent messaged him in a day. Well it was all fine until he asked this girl to message me asking if anything happened to my phone which i knew he made her do because it was after i rejected his phone call and then he made a kik and messaged me on kik after finding my username which is a line from a song. I didnt answer him or the girl and i am afraid that my mom will find out and i will get in trouble. But im hoping that not talking to him for many days will make him leave me alone.

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