A New Online Marketplace for Original Print Design

inkd graphic design

Inkd is a Seattle based company which has created an all new marketplace for people who don’t have the time or energy to go through the creation process of a custom design.

Not only does this help the time-deficient buyers, but also the graphic designers who choose to sell their work on the site.

Graphic designers can find buyers on the site and sell them unused brand ideas and designs and registration on the site is free.

Just sign up, upload a brochure, business card or any other type of design you have, and then it’s up to the Inkd team to decide if your design is acceptable.

Each designer will receive at least a 20% royalty fee for each sale. Buyers can even hire designers for freelance work if they like.

This sounds like a great opportunity if you’re an artist looking for some extra cash or for a business who doesn’t have time for a design consultation and the creation process.

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