The Last Page Standing Experiment

Another really cool website idea is The Last Page Standing.

The idea of this website is that anybody can buy the space on the page to place whatever kind of content they want on it. All you have to pay to own the space is $1 more than the last person paid.

So far, the site is up to $8, so it’s not at all expensive yet. Of course, as this site gains in popularity, the price will go up.

This might be the perfect opportunity to buy it now while it’s cheap and get your advertisement for your own site up there. Cement yourself a page in this site, before you can no longer afford it.

I can imagine the owner is really hoping it takes off too. At this time, he’s made about $28. Not much, but at least covers more than the cost of buying the domain name.

I think this is an awesome, creative idea.

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