Preheatable Plates Keep Your Food Warm

Dining Plates

If you’ve ever eaten food before (I sure hope so or you’re probably dead), you’ll know that your meal will always cool down too much before you’re done eating. This is where the Dining Stones can help. They take about 15 minutes to warm up and can keep a temperature of up to 220 degrees even after 45 minutes.

Of course you might have already tried electric plate warmers, and if you have you know they usually suck and aren’t particularly very fancy either. These dining stones are much better looking and cooler too.

They are made of granite stone discs, which you can purchase in several different colors to match the rest of your stuff, as well as different kinds of wooden trays to hold the stones in.

Sounds pretty cool to me, but I have a huge problem of letting my food get cold because I can’t stay off the computer. These things are gonna be awesome for my own personal use.

I’m not sure if this is just a really cool idea for home or something you might want to invest in. Wait, I don’t think people are investing anymore. So I guess it’s just a good idea for home then.

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