Psycho Redraws an Entire Yearbook

Excelsior 1968 Set

This is cool and weird at the same time. John Martz redrew the entire student body from his mothers 1968 high school yearbook as cartoons, which contains more than 1,000 heads. He debuted the book, titled Excelsior 1968 at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival last year. The book is now published and can be purchased on his site. This is such a creative idea. He must have had a hell of a lot of time on his hands, I guess. He’s also mentioned that if he ever did it again, he’d like to use an 80’s yearbook, to capture the great clothes and haircuts. I hope he does. By the way, clicking the photo above goes to his Flickr set.

If you liked this, there’s also a similar project from John Ralston titled “The Liner” which has less cartoony drawings from a yearbook. These ones were all done in pen and ink and watercolor, or colored pencil and watercolor. Why does everyone have so much creativity, and I have so little? Oh well. I’ll just keep writing about it.

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