QTrax: First Free and Legal Digital Music Site

Qtrax Screenshot

Do you download music from the internet? Do you pay for it? Well you might not have to anymore, and you don’t have to feel bad about stealing it from the artists who make it either. Qtrax is the first free and legal peer-to-peer digital music site. You’ll be able to download full-length, high quality songs and you compensate the artists just by letting Qtrax relay NON-intrusive advertising.

If you aren’t into indie stuff, you don’t need to worry either, because Qtrax has support from the major record labels. This means we’ll be able to find all kinds of great stuff on there, from independent music to the big names you hear on the radio, such as the Foo Fighters and 30 Seconds to Mars. They even plan on releasing a Mac compatible version on March 18th, so they’ve got pretty much everyone covered here. Go get it now.

2 thoughts on “QTrax: First Free and Legal Digital Music Site”

  1. I’m just relaying the information that has been provided by Qtrax. I’ve never used Spiral Frog, so I don’t know if it’s free, legal, or a P2P network. Thanks for the info though.

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