Screen Recording on Mac With Quicktime and Soundflower

Macs do a lot of things right but occasionally they get things completely wrong, and that’s exactly the case when it comes to screen recording. Why screen recording isn’t built in to iMovie is a mystery to me but at least it’s possible with Apple’s Quicktime Player.

The one problem with using Quicktime to record is that it’s not able to record the audio being played by your computer (another silly oversight from Apple). It can capture mic input, so if you turn the audio up really loud you might be able to get useful recordings, but it’ll sound like it’s coming out of a tin can.

Luckily, there’s a neat audio extension for Mac called Soundflower, which lets you re-route audio from applications to other applications.

Check out the walk-through tutorial below on how to set this up. It’s fairly easy.

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