Sell Storage Space In Your Own Home


Renting rooms in your house is nothing new, but renting out a room for storage is a different idea. Homstie has created a marketplace that lets you sell empty space in your home for other people to use as storage space.

If you’ve ever used a professional storage space, you know how stupidly expensive it can be, so this is a really great option to save some cash.

There aren’t a whole lot of open spaces listed yet, since the site is so new, but I’m sure it’ll pick up after a while. Who knows, set up a listing and see if anyone contacts you.

Trust is the first issue that came to my mind when I saw the site. I wouldn’t want anything expensive of mine sitting in someone else’s house. What if they were robbed or if they moved away with my stuff?

Still a really cool idea, that just needs a little tweaking… and an insurance policy.

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