Since you’re going to be drinking anyway…


When the weekend comes, so does the morning hangovers. You’re drinking a couple of beers, some mixed drinks, then you get brave and down a few shots. Ahhh, liquid courage at its best… So as long as you’re going to open the liquor cabinet, why not put that week old vodka to use on something other than the demise of brain cells, huh?

With the Memorial Day weekend just passing, many of us decided to get away from the city and camp under the blanket of bright stars. So there you are, moseying along a fresh dirt path. While blissfully taking in the fresh air, you’re not noticing the bushes of poison ivy your leg is constantly brushing up against. Oh no! What to do?!

Many cultured to the outdoor world have reported that pouring vodka on the area that has been exposed to poison ivy immediately after contact ceases the discomfort. The vodka washes away the chemicals that causes the rash reaction. However, it’s said that the vodka needs to be 100 proof to work best.

Goodbye Febreze- Hello Vodka! If you’re tired of lugging a heavy sack of clothes around the house or using all of your hard-earned pocket change for the mat, try using vodka to freshen up the twice-worn-already pair of jeans. Simply spritz over your jeans, blouses, or shirts then hang to dry. The Vodka kills the bacteria that causes odor, but doesn’t leave a smell once dried. Be sure to test on a small area of clothing first.

In the last post, you learned that pocketing fabric softener can repel mosquitoes. Well vodka can do just the same. Pour a little vodka into a spray bottle and gently, avoiding the eyes, spray the alcohol on your body. It works just like DEET except you can have a little drunken fun after. Whoo!

Toothache? Here’s another good reason to reach for the vodka. If you’ve got a sore tooth, try swishing vodka around in your mouth. It’ll soothe some of the ache by numbing the gums a bit. And while you’re at it, take a couple shots. Now that will numb your pain.

Beauty is in the eye of the (drunken) beholder. Vodka doesn’t only sway the beer-goggle-vision, it really can make you look more attractive by giving you shinny lush locks. Just add one shot to a 12 ounce bottle of shampoo. Presto!

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