Slipknot’s New Video “Snuff” is Powerful

Slipknot released a new music video yesterday (December 18, 2009) from their upcoming album. The song is great, but the story portrayed in the video is something else. Slipknot is known as a horror-core metal band, but this song isn’t heavy at all. These are the kinds of hit singles that have helped Slipknot get radio play. They display Corey Taylor’s singing voice and not just the screaming that he’s also very good at.

Check out the video. It’s actually a short film co-directed by M. Shawn Crahan of Slipknot and widely known photographer, P.R. Brown. Corey Taylor is the guy the in video too in case you were wondering. Great video with a deep meaning.

Update (04/15/24): In 2022, Corey Taylor discussed the meaning behind the song in the following interview. Who would have known that this song would have made such a big impact with Slipknot fans. People are still talking about it today!

7 thoughts on “Slipknot’s New Video “Snuff” is Powerful”

  1. I don’t get the meaning of this video. It shows the man dressed as a woman at the end, does that mean it was all his imagination or that he’s gay or what??

    1. Hi Lace, thanks for the comment 🙂 Actually I don’t get the meaning of the video either, but I think that’s what makes it so great. It could mean a lot of things. I thought that it might mean that he somehow lost his girlfriend/wife and went crazy and couldn’t let her go so he started dressing as her. Or some sort of schizophrenia. Who knows…

  2. Actually it took me a couple times of watching it to get it. But basically it comes down to this. He was in love with a woman, but pushed her away because he couldn’t show how much he really loved her. He still had all her stuff, and he dresses up as her to try to be her because he misses her so much.

  3. Thanks “Sick” for stopping by! Interesting theory, but why would someone leave all of their stuff at their ex’s house? The video is also called “Snuff” so I get the feeling that murder is implied.

  4. My understanding is that he was “madly” in love with his girl and she betrayed him. He then began stalking her, following her to her apartment and subsequently killing her. In his obsession, he either had a psychotic break or an ingenious way of escaping detection by dressing as her. Just my opinion of course.

  5. I believe that it portrays his love for his ex. he loved her more than anything, but then she cheated on him. ” bury ask your secrets” then she realized what she had done, and wanted him back. but he wouldn’t take her back. “and I won’t listen to your shame”. I think Corey dressing add her at the end implies that he still haven’t let go of her in his mind because she is a part of him. therefore she is shown as him. if that makes any sense. the people who give him the word looks is showing that they think he is crazy for not letting go after what she did to him.

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