Social Community for Oil and Gas Workers

Social Network for Gas and Oil Workers

Drilling Ahead is a social networking site created specifically with Oil and Gas workers in mind. Professionals in this industry can learn about everything related to gas & oil and even talk to each other and communicate amongst themselves.

They have a jobs section too, where workers can search for new work opportunities, so that seems handy. And if you need to stock up on supplies such as work gloves and safety glasses, they have a store section too.

I think it’s great that everybody gets a social networking site these days, but I really wonder if Drilling Ahead has made a wise business choice. Is there really a want/need for this service? I really have no idea, but I guess these guys would know better than me.

3 thoughts on “Social Community for Oil and Gas Workers”

  1. I sure does like this purdy article you wroted up here. This is the type a’ site me and me wife Loretta can really enjoy. You see she can’t read all good and I can’t seem to find a job. Maybe this here site you talkin’ bout can give me a’ drillin’ post. Sure ’nuff would be helpful and all.

  2. I don’t know where you dug up “Leroy and Lorreta” , I would doubt that they even had or need a computer. Seriously, this site is a very useful in connecting people all over the world, specifically in the drilling end of oil production. The people that post are usually the educated type of professionals and this is where they can share experiences or post for help in advise in the problems related to drilling that may help another. The site is broken up into sub groups more oriented to specific needs or type of services…directional drillers, Fishermen, drilling contractors etc. Before you judge the site from “Leroy and Loretta” go and have a look for yourself…this site is welcome to all, but more specifically to the members of the drilling industry.

  3. @Leroy, thanks for the silly comment 🙂

    @Karl, yeah looks like a very helpful site to those in the industry. It could definitely use a design upgrade though.

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