The Lost Archives of Banned YouTube Video


So what happens to the videos that are removed from YouTube due to Copyright Complaints? They are tracked down and documented over at YouTomb of course. Has someone ever sent you a link to YouTube and by the time you get it, the video is gone? It’s happened to me a bunch of times, and then I get all pissed because I never get to see what all the hubbub was about.

Well to be honest, you’re still screwed. YouTomb tracks down videos that have been removed from YouTube for alleged copyright violations and then puts information about that video up on their site. This is actually a project by the student organization, MIT Free Culture that was created to find aggregate mistakes that may have been made by the YouTube algorithm.

You won’t be able to watch these videos, but you will be able to see what videos people are uploading, what videos are being removed, descriptions, and who has asked for the content to be removed in the first place. Pretty cool idea, but it would be even cooler if we could watch the videos. 😉

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