The Quiz of Frustration

Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz is as hard as it sounds, and the word impossible sounds pretty damn hard, doesn’t it? What you have to do is answer all of the questions in the quiz and you only get three wrong guesses or else you start over. What makes it even harder is that some questions are timed or contain “Bombs” and the time limits range. The instructions mention that there are even some 1 second “Bombs” included.

You’re probably gonna have to guess on most of ’em, unless of course you’re Stephen Hawking or psychic. I lost on my very first question, sadly, but hey I don’t play Polo. Get further in the game and you’ll see that you just have to make random choices and remember them when you get to that point again. This game is a true time waster, and you’ll get addicted. Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “The Quiz of Frustration”

  1. Thanks for telling me about this site, enforcing me to go there and waste 1h 4o minutes out of my life playing that stupid game. As if Stumble Upon doesn’t do that already.

  2. Lol, I can believe you actually spent that much time. It’s such an addictive game isn’t it. I actually just played it for about an hour with a friend, now that you reminded me about this story.

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