These Old People Got Style

You don’t normally think of the word “fashionable” when you think of old people. The first thing that comes to my mind is light blue chinos and a matching dress shirt. Or for women, a pink shirt and black stretchy pants. This is of course a stereotype though, as the blog, Advance Style will show you.

The creator of the site, Ari Cohen, has stated “We have started a blog of our own that documents street style and fashion of the mature and wizened. Our aim is to take photos of elders with a unique sense of personal style that has developed with age.”

You really have to check it out. I never realized it before, but our elders really know how to dress sharp. It’s fun seeing what a different generation considers classy too. Don’t get me wrong, it really is classy, it’s just different than what the younger generation wears. We’re kinda bland actually.

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