To my little pookie lips


When it comes to our older less advanced family members, quite often they’re left without a clue when it comes to today’s technology. Sometimes it’s even hard for the high-tech savvy to keep afloat with technology constantly changing in every way.

Trying to keep in close touch with family members (especially when us young chickies leave the nest) can be difficult if our loved ones don’t even know what a mouse is nonetheless how to work emails or instant messengers… So what do we do?

New York writers Doree Shafrir and Jessica Grose, after comparing little love notes and words of wisdom letters from their own moms, decided to make a site that’s dedicated to all the mamas out there leaving notes in their pookie lips’ briefcases and handbags. A plethora of recipes, concern, questions, and charming messages that all daughters and sons can relate too, Postcards From Yo Momma posts the words of every mother. Enjoy!

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