Trade In Your Home for a New One

House Swap

With the economy as bad as it is, there’s no doubt that it’s very tough to sell a house these days. People just can’t afford it. So what do you do when your house has been on the market for months and months and it just won’t sell? Well, you might want to consider a trade.

Pad 4 Pad is a website that will let you place your home in their listings for sale and even let you search for other homeowners that may want to swap homes with you. You have the ability to contact the other homeowners as well and see if you might be able to make a deal. You can move down the street or across the country, and a listing on the site is free (if you recommend some friends). Hey, when you’re running out of options, you get creative!

You’ll want to make sure a contingency clause is in the contract just in case the other homeowner backs out of the deal. You don’t want to end up paying mortgages on two different homes, right? I’d also probably recommend that you get a lawyer for something like this, just to make sure things are on the up-and-up. Happy swapping!

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