Turn a KFC 2-Piece Meal Into a Fancy Dinner

Burger King Quiche

I think a lot of people at some point in time invited guests to dinner and realized that there wasn’t enough time to cook up that fancy meal that they were planning.

I’m betting that a lot of these people have also considered running out to the local fast food joint and picking up some meals and putting them on plates like it was actually home cooked.

You know, like the movies always do. 😉 In the movies, they usually get caught though, but with the tips over at FancyFastFood.com you won’t have to worry about getting busted.

They give you lots of interesting recipes, for example the Burger King Quiche in the photo above, that can make your fast food meals look more like gourmet feasts.

It’s still bad for you and won’t exactly taste gourmet, but your guests will still think you tried your hardest to make them a fancy dinner.

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