The Ugliest Tattoos You’ve Ever Seen

Indian Tattoo

I’ve seen quite a few ugly tattoos on people online, people I’ve met and even some of my own friends. Go to a rock concert and you’ll see a whole slew of them. To be completely honest I’ve even got an awful tattoo of my own. I bought a tattoo machine many years ago and tested it out on my calf, the result being a splotch that everybody always asks me about.

Scalp Tattoo

Anyway, the whole reason this post started is because I came across The Gallery of Regrets. Some of the tats on the site are just plain awful, most likely done at home like my tat was and some look like they were done by amateur artists. A lot of the tattoos are actually really good, but they’re definitely tacky and regrettable.

Ugly Tattoo Portrait

The site is updated regularly, even several posts each day so there’s lot’s of pictures on the site to keep you laughing.

I was actually contemplating posting a picture of my own tattoo, but I’m too lazy to go upstairs to grab my camera so you’ll just have to meet me in person I guess. Maybe I’ll update this post sometime in the future…

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