The Ultimate Classic Video Game Spoof Video

I grew up on 8-Bit Nintendo games. I was completely obsessed with video games as a child. I remember how much I used to love getting sick so that I could stay home an play games all day. I was sweaty, throwing up and coughing and I would still be happy with my Nintendo. Isn’t that sad?

The video below mashes up all my favorite memories into one very weird video. I’m not sure who created it, but I have a feeling whoever did could’ve been a bigger video game addict than I was. What as the guy from Kung Fu fights to save Sylvia by defeating everything from Mario’s Princess to characters from Street Fighter. I believe I even saw Dig Dug in there.

And when it’s all over, there’s a special section dedicated to Mega Man getting pwned all over the place. You have to wait for Sylvia to walk through the Mike Tyson’s Punch Out Scene for a while first, but there are some funny cameos from PacMan and Frieza of DragonBall Z for some reason.

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