The Visual Process of Cooking

Chocolate Marshmallows

Anyone who’s ever cooked in their life has had the frustration of following a recipe from a cook book or the internet and wondering if their food looks like it should.

I cook quite often so I know that exact feeling. I hate it when a recipe tells me to wait until it’s “golden-brown” and a little flakey on the sides and If it isn’t exactly perfect, it’ll taste like crap.

And the only pictures those damn cookbooks show you are the ingredients laid out on the table and then the finished product. Not much to work with.

The Hungry Mouse is a visual guide to cooking and they show you lots of pictures for the whole process. This is how cooking instruction should be.

All of those pics sure are mouth watering too. I just checked out their latest article about homemade candy recipes for Halloween and those chocolate covered marshmallows looked delicious.

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