An Artists New Years Resolution To Paint a Picture Every Day is Complete

A local Denver, CO artist, Adam Greenberg made his 2010 New Years resolution to paint a watercolor picture every day of the year, which started when he painted a picture for his girlfriend on January 1st. He also created a Facebook page called Tonight’s Watercolor where he posts each painting, and now has more than 700 followers.

Adam eventually saw how popular his paintings were becoming and when people asked if they could have them, he came up with the great idea to give them away for free, in exchange for donating to the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund. He only has today and tomorrow left to complete his resolution and has mentioned that he already has an idea of what he wants to paint on the last day of the year, but he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise so you’ll have to check his Facebook page tomorrow.

Adam has decide to take a little break in 2011, saying “I probably won’t paint everyday this next year. I think my new year’s resolution for 2011 will be to take my vitamins everyday.”

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