Website Will Soon List DUI Offenders Addresses

Have you ever gotten a DUI/DWI? If you have, first of all, shame on you. Second, now all of your neighbors are going to know about it. Well, only if you’ve had a minimum of 5 DUI’s in the last 20 years and only if you live in Ohio but who knows, the idea just might spread nationwide. A law just passed in Ohio that requires courts to send information on drivers receiving these types of infractions to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, who will in turn create and manage a searchable online database for all to see.

The site will contain information such as name, birthdate, and address. How’s that for privacy? The site is also supposed to contain those who have been convicted of vehicular assualt, driving under the influence of drugs and vehicular homicide. You can expect to find the site online by December 31, 2008. Even if you don’t live in Ohio, it still sounds like a fun site to mess around with and see what kind of scum shows up.

I think it’s good that repeat DUI offenders are punished a lot more heavily. Something like this might help these people learn more responsibility. I kinda like this idea of yellow plates or DUI’s that Washington State had too. The more embarassment, the better.

Anyway, when the DUI database website goes live, I’ll try to update this post and make an announcement, k?

You can read more about it here. Watch this hilarious video from Reno 911 below for now though.

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