What were you doing at age 10?

Evans Book Site

Being 10 years old is an exciting age; you’ve just hit the double digits, recess is still as great as ever and you rule at tether-ball. It’s a carefree, exploratory, and absorbing age.

What were you doing at 10? I’m sure I was running wild in the streets playing tag and riding bikes while carefully evading my parents’ call to bring in me for homework. I certainly didn’t want to sit down and practice my spelling list or solve fraction problems…

I’m not sure how little Evan does on his math tests, but his writing sure deserves an A. Linked from his dad’s site, Evan’s Book Site is his own blog about books he has read and enjoyed.

I think this is a great site. It shows that, contrary to many beliefs, the younger generation isn’t entirely dense and hopeless. It’s a great site for both children and parents so that they may share knowledge in what book they want to read next.

Well done, Evan.

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