White People and Their Serious Faces

See the picture above? That’s what white people look like when they’re trying to be serious. It’s not a pretty site, I know. Slightly embarrasing even. For them anyway, now that everyone on the internet can see them trying so hard to look so serious. If you’d like to see more white people with similar expressions, go visit WhitePeopleTryingToLookSerious.com . It’s really a fun site to waste some time with.

After going through a lot of the site myself, I’ve noticed that many of the same people show up in the various pictures that have been posted, so I’m guessing that most of the site is pictures of friends of the blog creator and that the people are asked to make those faces. Nothing wrong with that, but I’d like to see something a bit more candid. And If the site gains in popularity, I’m sure it will, because the site owner does accept user submissions right now.

I can see this site really taking off and spinning into sister sites of Black People Trying to Be Serious, Mexican People Trying to Be Serious, and so on. Those blog names are hilarious already. Maybe I should snatch them up myself. 😀

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