New Wine Tasting Packs with TinyBottles

Brixr Wine Tasting Pack
Lots of people really like wine- for example, my girlfriend. She loves to try all different kinds of wines from all different countries. One of the worst things about it though, is that wine is so damn expensive. I don’t want to pay $30 for a bottle of wine that turns out to be crap. Honestly, I’m not much of a wine connoisseur myself and prefer a nice cold beer or a vodka-tonic, so if I’m buying wine, I really want to get something I think tastes good.

Brixr has created the perfect business for people like me. They have come up with what they call TinyBottles, which are basically small vials filled with various types of wines for tasting purposes. This is an awesome idea.

The service is in beta but you can purchase two different tasting packs from them right now. To be honest, I still think these tasting packs are too expensive. The cheapest on the site is $19 and you only get four small vials. I guess they’re probably high quality wines, but hopefully as the service becomes more popular the prices will drop. For $19 I can buy a 12 pack and a bottle of Skyy.

As for now, I’ll stick with my local Total Beverage store since they do free wine tastings twice a week.

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