Make Your 404 Error Pages Fun

Mafia 404 Cartoon

You know when you click a link on a website and it turns out that the page doesn’t exist? That always sucks, but at least now if someone hits that page on your site, they can be entertained.

If you own a website, you should definitely check into This site is so cool. There are a bunch of cartoon characters that you can choose from and will announce to your visitors that they’ve reached a page that doesn’t exist.

There are lots of different ones too, so you should be able to find one that fits your site. They are all free too, by the way. They do have a paid service as well where you can purchase a custom made character if you want.

This will only work if you own your own site and have access to the server, because there are a couple of files that have to uploaded and a server file, the .htaccess, that needs to be updated. If you need help, you should contact your hosting company.

If you’re web savvy enough, all you have to do is download the files and upload the .flv and the .swf file to your web server. Place both in the same place and in the same location as your 404 page. Then copy the HTML code from the .html file that came with your download and paste it into the section of your 404 page.

In that code, there is a section that goes like this:<embed src=”404mafia2.swf”

Change that to the exact URL of that file, for example <embed src=””

Now type in a page that doesn’t exist in your website and you get to see your new error page. I’ve added one to this site too, so go up to the address bar and type in some gibberish after my URL to see it.

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