“Hello- Santa?”

Remember all the hoopla surrounding Santa Clause when you were just wee high? All the excitement knowing that Santa was coming down your chimney to place your favorite, most asked for gift under the tree… Ahh, those were the good times, huh? Thanks to the Tel Santa Service, your child can experience that on a …

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Whopper Virgins

Yes, it’s another case of cry-baby-public complaining about yet another commercial. Burger King is under fire for a new ad campaign featuring individuals that have never had a Whopper before… aka Whopper Virgins. The king of burgers travel the world looking in remote villages for those who can have a truthful, pure opinion on the …

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Too real for comfort

Video and computer gaming has long been top choice hobby for young and old alike. And with technology stitching real life and virtual reality closer together, it’s sure to stay at the top for pastimes. A game that seems to make artificial simulation disappear at the seam is Mirror’s Edge. The game does a great …

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Well, well, well. Looks like the good times of Ozzy’s past has finally caught up with him. The slurring incomprehensible communication of Ozzy has made one very funny commercial for Samsung. Unable to clearly correspond with a taxi-cab driver, therapist and barista, Ozzy is forced to text message to get his point across.

Creating Evil- Muahahaha

Technology brings us unimaginable things- good and evil- depending on your perspective. Of course, we’ve read the stories where technology has gone to far, but without the controversial push, we may not have the life-saving technology that we have today. All seriousness aside now, technology has brought us the face, the virtual face of evil. …

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