Too real for comfort

Video and computer gaming has long been top choice hobby for young and old alike. And with technology stitching real life and virtual reality closer together, it’s sure to stay at the top for pastimes.

A game that seems to make artificial simulation disappear at the seam is Mirror’s Edge. The game does a great job at making you feel like you are, in fact, Faith, the video game’s persona; living, breathing, running, jumping, and climbing as Faith. It has a first-person perspective, however unlike most games, the camera bobs with her when she’s in action, even showing her arms and legs as she runs.

This game feels so real, it can make you queasy, and even make you vomit- ugh… I watched the demo last night and I, too, started to feel a little dizzy. Though I was lucky enough to not have to watch my dinner in reverse.

Interested in why the game does this to you? Read the whole article here.

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