Your favorite Christmas toy

As we get older, sometimes the holiday season can loose the magic it once had. We get too caught up in the finances and stress that’s involved with the season (at least it becomes involved when you’re an adult. Children just can’t wait to get their toys…)

But if we can just take a moment and look back to how we once saw Christmas; what we believed in, maybe that can bring some of the magic back…

What was one toy that you remember getting for Christmas as a kid that just made your eyes light up? That you were so damn excited when you were unwrapping that last gift… I encourage you to leave your answer in the comments. It will be interesting to see all the different toys that we adored when we were in the single digits…

5 thoughts on “Your favorite Christmas toy”

  1. I honestly can’t remember a favorite gift (although I loved my PJ doll). What I remember most is sneaking down in the dark for stockings and seeing all of the little things hidden inside!

  2. The TickleMe Plant Greenhouse– unforgettable!
    I almost cried when I found the video of the TickleMe Plant moving on line. I remember tickling the plant my Grandma had when I was a kid. Back then they called it the sensitive plant. It was such a treat to see Grandma, and watching the leaves close on the TickleMe Plant was more fun then any modern day video game.
    I am raising the TickleMe Plants from seeds from a greenhouse I got on line at

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