Boobies Can Help This Little Girl Walk Again

Nicole Cahill had a stroke and went into a coma when she was only 6 years old, which caused a swelling in her brain. She has been confined to a wheelchair ever since then, but there’s finally some good news for this poor little girl. Surgeons in New York think that that a ground-breaking surgery might get little Nicole out of her wheelchair and walking again, and two guys, Master Massey & Shyhhy Welly, have added some humor to fundraising for Nicole’s operation.

Massey and Welley have a new single titled “Boobies” which will be released on August 1st and all proceeds will go to the Nicole Cahill fund. The song really has nothing to do with Nicole’s condition obviously, but these two guys just wanted to help and any way they can help is much appreciated, I’m sure. Check out the video for the song below.

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