Save Millions By Going To Your Favorite Restaurant

Tap Project

Everyday we drink water without even thinking about it. It’s there, we have it, it’s good. But what about all those people around the world who don’t have access to safe water? According to UNICEF, there are almost 1 billion of those people. That’s a pretty big number, and water is really important if you expect to survive, don’t you think?. Of those 1 billion people, a child dies every 15 seconds due to a water-related disease, because the only water they have is so unsafe and polluted.

Hearing these numbers is heartbreaking, but there’s actually something you can do. We’re a little bit late on this one for this year, but this program will take place again next year. The Tap Project had gotten more than 2,350 restaurants to participate in their program and each of these restaurants accepted a minimum of a $1 donation for the tap water their customers drank, which is normally free. This one dollar is enough to provide a child with 40 days of clean drinking water. People didn’t even have to do anything out of their normal schedule, Just go to a restaurant as usual, as long as it’s a participating Tap Project one and that’s it.

As I mentioned earlier, this year’s project is already over but it will begin again in March of next year, so you should keep an eye out for it. If you wanna help now though, you can still head on over the to the Tap Project website and donate. If you are a restaurant owner, or know someone who is, you can also sign up to be included next year. And if you want to take it even a step further, become a volunteer and help to recruit restaurants and promote the Tap Project in your neighborhood.

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