Concert Review: The Mother Truckers and Roger Clyne

I just found out a couple of weeks ago that a friend of mine, Dan, likes a type of music that I never knew about. We always listen to Metal and Hip-Hop at my house and he never said anything about it, so I just assumed that’s what he liked to, but he just recently invited me to a concert of a group named Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. Dan described the band as older 90’s alternative and country mix. When I heard the word “country,” I immediately became hesitant. I absolutely can’t stand Country music, but Dan assured me that it wasn’t too “country,” so I decided to go. He really wanted to see Roger Clyne too, and wanted someone to go with him, so it was only right that I didn’t leave him hangin’.

We didn’t buy our tickets ahead of time, so we had to wait in a bit of a long line at the will call window. We each paid $18 for the ticket and then headed to the end of an even longer line to get in the doors. The doors opened at 8:00pm, we hit the bathrooms, grabbed some beers and we got our spot at the very front of the venue and waited for about a half hour for the first band to start.

The Mother Truckers were the opening band for Roger Clyne. These guys, and girl, sounded very, very “country,” which made me think that Dan lied to me. After a while, they kinda grew on me though. There are two lead singers, a guy and a girl, and the lady sure could sing. They both played guitars as they sung too, and the guy could wail on that guitar like crazy. This is what made me enjoy this band. I don’t care for country music, but the inclusion of the electric guitar fixed that. Near the end of their set, the guitar player from the Roger Clyne band came out and played with them, and the crowd went crazy. The Mother Truckers played for about an hour and I have to admit that they really put on a great show.

A half hour later, at 10:30pm, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers came out. They started out heated, and I realized that Dan was really telling me the truth. Roger Clyne sounded a lot less like country music, and more like 90’s alternative. I was enjoying the band from the get-go. The crowd was really digging his music and just going crazy. It was funny to me, because I’ve never even heard of this guy. People were throwing up their arms, closing their eyes and singing with the music like they were in heaven. They played until about 11:50pm and went of the stage until the crowd yelled for an encore. Of course they came back out and played some more of their songs. They even played the King of the Hill theme song, which I just found out they created. That was fun. They actually played until about 12:30, so we got a really awesome and long show out it. All in all, I had a great time and I thank Dan for inviting me.

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  1. I enjoyed the last (free) 40 minutes of it. Especially with the bass guitarist played at me- it made my night. Though I had no idea who these people were, it was still a pretty good show from what I caught.

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