Cursebird Swears All Day


Cursebird is another “tool” built with Twitter in mind. Cursebird basically finds all the tweets it can from the Twitter universe that contain curse words and loads ’em up as the occur on the home page.

You won’t believe how many people are cursing at all times of the day. Actually, I take that back. You’re on the internet, you’d believe it.

They also provide the percentages of the curse words that show up, giving you a better idea of what curse words are used the most. It’s obvious that the “F” word shows up the most, but you’ll have to check the site to see what comes next.

If you have a friend on Twitter that curses a lot or if you know that you probably curse a lot, you can also enter a Twitter username and they’ll show all the tweets that person has made with curse words in it, as well as where they’re ranked, how many curses total they have made, what their score is, and what they curse like (I swear like a horse whisperer, because I only have one.)

It’s a lot of fun to watch, check it out.

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