You Got Dubstep in My Zelda


If you’re a fan of RPG video games and dubstep, you’re going to like Skrillex Quest, a game inspired by the Legend of Zelda series. You play as the hero in a world that is being overrun by glitches which started after dust got on the game’s computer chip. It’s your job to save the day before the entire game is corrupted.

Music from the famous dubstep DJ, Skrillex also plays a big part of the game.


There’s a timer that runs down during each stage and you have to try to collect everything you can before it runs out. There are scrolls, treasures and keys, all of which somehow effect parts of the storyline. My first run-through, which took only about 15 minutes, resulted in me not getting to see any of that bonus storyline material because I suck. I’m going to play again and again until I collect everything though. 😉

I enjoyed this game a ton. Keep an eye out for fun throwback glitches too. I saw Glass Joe from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out in one of them!

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