Tips To Handle Life’s Everyday Troubles…A Hundred Years Ago


We all love learning new tricks to help make life easier. No matter where you look online, you’re sure to see a handy tip designed to make your life better. They’re all over images on Pinterest and people love sharing them on Facebook. I know first hand how much people love tips because the post I published on my own site, “17 Tips To Make Your Life Easier” is the most popular post ever on any of my websites.

And judging by this post with “10 Lifehacks From 100 years Ago,” people a century ago loved life tips just as much as we do. Too bad these tips weren’t as easily accessible back then like they are for us now. You had to smoke a pack of cigarettes just for one tip! Of course back then people thought smoking was healthy.

I’m not sure many of these tips are very applicable today, but they seem sound for the most part. The tip on lighting a match in the wind is awesome!

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