Find Out Where People Are Having Sex

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If you’re the sexually adventurous type and like to have a little bit of public fun, I Just Made Love is the site for you.

If you’ve just had sex somewhere, even in your own home, (it doesn’t need to be out in public, but that makes this site a little boring, I think) add your marker to the map letting the world know that you’ve just done the nasty only 25 feet away from them.

You can easily add your marker to the map, add a comment, include the positions that you’ve used, and then you can choose an indoor or outdoor option.

If you’re the curious type, you can click on any of the mid-coitus bunny rabbit icons to find out the almost exact location of the sexual act and what positions they used. You can filter the map to only those who’ve had sex in the past hour or you can look back as far as 24 hours, a week or a month.

So how does this nifty little tool help you or make our lives easier? I guess it could come in handy before sitting down on that park bench.

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