Find Restaurants Where Your Kids Can Eat for Free

Messy Kid

If you have kids, you know how much of a pleasure it is to find a restaurant where your kids can eat for free. I don’t have kids, but I have friends who do, and I get to hear about their money woes all the time. Even going to a place like McDonalds with two kids can be extremely expensive, or so I was told be my good friend Cecil. And what about when someone gives you a restaurant gift card with enough funds for yourself but not enough to take the kids too?

Cecil is going to love me after I show him Kids Eat For (odd name, right?), because this site has a sort of daily calendar that lists restaurants where kids can eat for free for each day of the week.

They have 19 major U.S. cities listed on the home page, but don’t worry, they have tons more locations if you click through the link that says “Don’t see your city? Find a kids eat free deal near you.”

They even have an iPhone and Android app so you can always find a restaurant to hit up when the kids are screaming in your ear from the backseat of the minivan while they’re picking their noses and spilling their juice on your seat.

If this service just doesn’t cut it for you, also check out this great resource 101 Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free. This is an impressive list and all in one place. Check it out!

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