A Recreational Drug User Version of FML

Drunk Guy

You’ve probably enjoyed a few entertaining stories from the popular website, FML (F My Life) by now, which I’ve mentioned before. Hell, they even have an iPhone app. A friend of mine likes to open up that app just about every 5 minutes so he can share a story with us.

Now there’s another take on FMLs popularity, but this time for stoners. Frying High (update below) is a place where drug users, from marijuana to acid can share their stories of stupidity.

Some of the stories are hilarious. One thing I’ve definitely learned from this site is that Taco Bell is the place to be when you’re high.

Update: The original website seems to be gone, but thanks to some great detective work by a reader, there is an alternative at highDEAS. Thanks Sam!

image courtesy of bistrosavage / CC BY 2.0

6 thoughts on “A Recreational Drug User Version of FML”

    1. Hi Sam, nope, looks like it’s gone. That’s too bad. If you do happen to find something similar, please let me know.

  1. No problem, it certainly took a bit of googling. They certainly aren’t worried about letting people know that the old site is down and that the new one is called something completely different. Seems odd, but there you go! I just feel a bit stupid that 6 months ago I was told about the site, then went looking for it by its older name due to seeing someone post about it in a very old forum post. Ahh well, it’s come full circle and now I can enjoy stonerish pearls of wisdom. It’s my pleasure to help 🙂

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