A New Gaming Community For Girls


If you’re a gamer, you’re more than likely male, but it’s a reality that gaming among girls is on the rise. It actually has been for the last few years.

I’m sure Jade Raymond was a huge inspiration for woman when she produced Assassins Creed. The game was gorgeous and lot’s of fun.

The gaming industry has made a huge push to get woman into gaming over the last few years with competitions for female game designers, scholarships for future female game designers, and even girl-only nights on Xbox Live.

Now there’s a new community on the web called Girl Gamer. It’s a social community that leaves the boys out of the equation. A place where girls can discuss their favorite aspects of gaming without being ridiculed by 13 year old boys who think they’re are gaming gods.

The site looks awesome and seems to have a fair amount of members already. They don’t mention anywhere on the site how many members they really have so I’m not certain, but the site is in early stages of beta so you can be sure it will grow soon.

I think it’s great the gaming community is getting more woman involved.

Everyone likes games!

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