Sleep Monitor Wristwatch Wakes You Up at the Perfect Time


I came across this really cool watch when I was randomly browsing my favorite blogs and thought you might be interested in it.

What the Sleeptracker does is record 12 hours of sleep data while you’re dreaming in order to find physiological patterns about the way you sleep.

You might notice that sometimes you wake up after a long nights sleep, you’re still really tired. This could be because you’ve woken up during a “delta sleep” or a very heavy sleep. Of course this isn’t desirable and can affect your performance throughout the day.

The data that the Sleeptracker tracks allows it to gently wake you up when you’re at an almost-awake moment of your sleeping cycle, meaning that you’ll wake up much more refreshed and ready for the day.

There are two versions of the watch. You can get either the cheaper SleepTracker Wake Up Monitor or you can pay a little more for the better model, the SleepTracker Pro Sleep Monitoring Watch.

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