The Best Geeky T-Shirt Shops Online

Guitar Hiro

There are quite a few geek t-shirt shops online, and geek shirts are certainly my favorite. Seriously, you should see my closet. I’ve got Zelda, Carl from ATHF and old school PacMan. There are two big boys in the game that you’ve probably heard of, J!nx and ThinkGeek. Both of these shops are awesome!

Killer Pacman

I’ve never purchased anything from ThinkGeek but I have come across it plenty of times during my searches for geek wear. I have a few shirts from J!nx though. I’ve even subscribed to their newsletter because I always want to know about their latest gear.

Due By Noon

There’s also a new tshirt shop in town called “The Graphic Designer’s Shop” and the owner happens to be a friend of mine, Kandra Churchwell. She’s an awesome web designer here in Colorado, who I’ve worked with on many occasions.

There are only a few designs available so far, but there are more coming, so keep checking out the site. She also takes requests too, so if you’ve got a geeky idea, send her a message and maybe she’ll design it for you.

One Up

If those aren’t enough, there are a few more really good stores out there too; Cult Classic T’s, Militant Geek and one special one that I won’t tell anyone about because I’m about to buy a ton of shirts from there and don’t want my friends wearing the same shirts.

It’s close to Christmas so why don’t you check out all of these shops, first Kandra’s though 😉 , and get something special for the nerds of the family. Get something for me while you’re there.

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