I Went Indoor Skydiving Last Week!

The company I work for, seOverflow, is an awesome internet marketing company in Denver, and I really do mean that. How many other companies out there will take their team out for indoor skydiving and rock rappelling for a team building day? I actually still need to put the video up from the rock rappelling trip.

Anyway, we all went to SkyVenture in Lone Tree, Colorado last week and went through a quick indoor skydiving class and then hit the skydiving room. Floating around in 160mph winds is a ton of fun and I had a great time. It was over too quickly though (we went in for 1 minute each time), but I think I’ll go again on my own time soon.

Check out the video below. There are 6 people in our group and I’m the 5th person to go in the video. After the 6th person goes, we start the rotation over again.

In order of appearance: Reid Fenlaw, Terri Starck, Mike Belasco, Lloyd Faulk, Alex Juel (me!), and Chris Hickey.

Indoor Sky Diving: seOverflow Q4 Adventure Day on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “I Went Indoor Skydiving Last Week!”

  1. It was awesome. I had a really good time. It’s really cool to be able to work for a company like seOverflow, but I think these things are a perk to working for a really small company. We are only 5 people right now, so I’m sure it’s much more affordable than what most companies would have to consider.

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