Wasting Time On Twitter


I’m fairly certain I’ve mentioned Twitter before and how cool it is and today I have to tell you again. GET ON TWITTER. Twitter is just one of the coolest sites out there and one of the funnest ways to know about what’s happening. You can subscribe to the Twitter feeds of like-minded people or you can just subscribe to popular news feeds.

If you’re looking for news, you can check out CNN, The New York Times, the BBC or get a mix of everything hot on the internet and subscribe to Digg.

If you’d like to see some recommendations of who other people on Twitter are following, check out this post over at 37signals and if you want to see a list of the most popular Twitterers, check out Twitterholic.com.

There’s also lots of different Twitter tools based around the service as well, such as this new one that just came out today, TweetWasters, which tells you how much time you’ve actually wasted on Twitter. By the way, I’d also recommend Twhirl if you don’t want to open up your internet browser to check Twitter all the time.

Hopefully these tools will help you get started on becoming a Twitterholic! Sign up, set up your profile (add a picture for sure) and follow Michelle and myself if you’d like 🙂

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