One sentence stories

I’m not a very good story-teller. I forget a lot of the story, the character’s name, dates, times, and other information that is vital to the conclusion. The stories that take the least amount of effort and words to explain are the stories that I excel at telling.

One Sentence is a site with a plethora of extremely short stories- just one sentence. It’s a project to get to the point of the story without all the insignificant boring details that delay the punchline. What would be your one sentence story?

When me and my dad would listen to the blues radio station in the car, anytime a singer would sing, “… I got the blues…” I would sing louder, “I got the pinks…” because it was my favorite color.  ~Michelle

I’ve been playing video games since the days of Atari, and I believe it’s had a huge impact on my life in terms of comprehension skills, as well as creativity. ~Alex

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