The Secret Place: Post Your Secrets Anonymously

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tyla’75

Do you have a secret that you’ve been holding inside, and has been killing you just trying to keep it in? If you go to Check My Secret, you can post any secret you wish to be revealed and you never have to release your identity. You have to remember though, that people can comment on your secret, so if you can’t take some criticism, you better not check up on your latest post to see what someone might have said about you.

If you don’t want to post a secret, or don’t really have an interesting secret to tell, think harder, because everyone has a secret, you liar. But if you really don’t want to post something, just visit the site and read what secrets other people have. It’s kinda crazy and fun at the same time. It’s almost like reading one of those gossip websites, except instead of finding out about Amy Winehouse latest stint in the gutter, you’re left wondering who it actually is that’s in love with their cousin.

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