A Place to Read People’s Dreams

I absolutely love the idea of Messed Up Dreams. Dreams are always so wacky and confusing. It’s too bad they’re so easily forgotten.

When I was in school for 3D animation and design, I used to write down every dream I had as soon as I woke up so that I wouldn’t forget. Then I would figure out ways to use them for my school projects. I came up with some wild stuff too.

One dream I remember well from childhood, which actually became a reoccuring dream for a short period of time (do I need counseling?), took place at my grandparents house up in the mountains. I only remember a small amount of it now, but I was being chased through her house by a bunch of Indians. Then out of nowhere, I was on a motorcycle and riding it up her staircase to the second floor trying to escape. I don’t remember the transition, but all of a sudden I was hopping from rooftop to rooftop on my motorycle, still being chased by Indians, except now I was in the desert and each building was miles away from the other. That’s all I remember.

I haven’t had a dream that I remember for quite a while now, but I’ve noticed that I usually get some cool dreams after starting something creative, like working in Photoshop or creating a new website. Or when I stay up late learning something new, like some confusing .htaccess stuff.

Have you had any weird dreams lately?

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