Things Rich People Buy

Pancake Maker

I think rich people eventually run out of “normal” things to waste their cash on, and just end up buying anything after a few years of living wealthy.

Could you imagine spending close to $400 on an apple carrier? It does nothing else special other than carry your apple. Or how about a platinum encased, diamond encrusted purse for $1.63 million dollars?

It would be nice to be able to throw money away like that wouldn’t it? It be nicer if the people who buy these things would donate to a better cause, like me ;). Just kidding.

If you’re rich and need some ideas of things to buy, or you’re poor like me and just want to see what kind of wacky things only rich people can afford, check out You’ll find everything from $12,000 perfumes to $3,000 gold vibrators.

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