Secrets and Postcards…Do Mix!

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Two words I never thought I’d say in one sentence is “postcards” and “secrets.” Why? I don’t know why, I never thought about it. So this brings me to PostSecret. This site has community members who submit their own secrets, anonymously of course, written on postcards.

Not all entries are on postcards though, but also on post-it notes, newspapers, funny photos and pretty much anything someone can write on. There’s some really artistic, and very deep and emotional stuff here. I’d really like to send something in now. Why don’t you keep the site alive and send something in yourself.

2 thoughts on “Secrets and Postcards…Do Mix!”

  1. So, many secrets so little postcards! Oh, where should one girl start? And LMAO at the quote below your comment box! Don’t shoot the messenger? LOL!

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